Adam Deen is a Senior researcher/ Head of outreach at the Quilliam foundation.

Adam has in the past been a senior member of the Islamist extremist organisation and utilised universities himself as a key source for recruitment. Adam became disillusioned with extremism, and thus started a journey out Islamist extremism. Adam now has dedicated his work to countering the Islamist ideology and extremism of which he believes tarnishes the beauty of his Islamic faith. Adam’s unique input into this project will be his former experiences as an Islamist extremist, and his proven and charismatic skills as a keen debater and orator for the promotion of British values and Human Rights.  In 2012 founded the Deen Institute, which teaches Muslims critical thinking skills through connecting with Islam’s rich intellectual heritage.  He has spoken at over 40 university campuses across the UK, has debated with prominent academics on issues ranging from religious philosophy and theology.  He frequently appears on mainstream TV including the BBC and has debated at the Oxford Union debates.



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  1. Hi Adam, I have seen you many times on BBC Big Questions and today on 31.1.16. When I listen to you I feel there is hope for this world be normal again. I totally agree with you and you are very brave to stand up to violent and aggressive people who insult you. It must be very frustrating but you are not deterred. I admire you and wish you that your intellectual battle is won. You know that your religion is peaceful and you are educating those who know so little about it. May you have solid health and energy and may you be protected and safe. Thank you for your efforts and your voice. Amen

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