I appeared on the BBC Panorama programme – The Battle for British Islam As France 2015


7 thoughts on “I appeared on the BBC Panorama programme – The Battle for British Islam As France 2015

  1. Thank you, Adam for a thought provoking and insightful appearance. You did more for Islam in five minutes than many others have in 5 centuries.

  2. Adam. I left a comment and some questions for you on the previous thread, though since I was responding to what you said on the Panorama programme, perhaps I should have left them here. I also asked you rather a lot of questions, so it’s perhaps understandable that you chose to ignore them.

    So let me just ask you one here. I hope that you will reply (a ‘yes’/’no’ answer is all that’s really required).

    I am atheist who has studied the Koran and am well aware that it states, many many times, that those who do not submit to the will of Allah, as therein revealed, await a terrible, agonising punishment in hell in the Hereafter. Now, I not only refuse to submit to the will of Allah, but fervently believe that any god who would punish and torture people in the horrific ways described in the Koran, simply for refusing to worship him and submit to his will, is not worthy of anyone’s worship. Indeed, I think that such ways of thinking are so pernicious that I have many times attempted to persuade Muslim friends that they should forsake Islam altogether.

    Now, my question to you is this: Do you believe that I will justly be tortured in the Hereafter, in the ways so graphically described throughout the Koran, for (a) my refusal to worship Allah and (b) my attempts (some of them successful) to persuade Muslims to give up believing in Allah and the veracity of the Koran?

    I look forward to receiving our answer (again, feel free to contact me via email if you prefer).

    1. it seems the height of folly Abe for you to stick your fingers up at your Creator. You are like a child who has heard that his parents will punish him if he doesn’t behave himself and then muses on the unfairness of it all.

      My advice: grow up.

  3. Adam. You seem keen on re-tweeting praise about yourself on Twitter, yet you do not have time to answer a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question about your religious beliefs? Again: Do you believe that those who reject Islam should be tortured in the afterlife or not? Since you (presumably) opposed the killing of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, presumably (and a fortiori) you oppose the suggestion that they should be tortured without respite for all eternity, right?

    1. Abe your questions are mischievous and ill-intentioned. God exists. He is merciful and just. He has warned that those who hear his message of repentance and the good news of paradise – yet reject the worship owed to their Creator (the purpose of your existence Abe) will ultimately be punished. Take the warnings in the Quran seriously Abe.

      Don’t play games with your Lord.

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