Death eyes.

Who is this Death, it is no concern for me. Just a habitual sadness for humanity,

But the death of a loved one, my grandmother, sobering, my trance broken. How can it be, life ending so suddenly?
I stomp the floor a strike at the wall.

Why did this tremor have to be? My world was fine just momentarily.

Wait! The world stops, a cold chill runs down my back, my eyes begin to water.

I realize my anguish and pain.  Death! This is the same fate for me,  My dream is wrecked, my daze broken, for I too will be no more.

How did this world distract me deceivingly?   Damn you world, you’re  an illusion to fool me.  I was unaware of something so sure, it’s right in front of me.

Clarity besieges me, my comforting illusion deserts me.

Death eyes focus, things are no longer as they were.

The real becomes surreal; friend becomes foe, for they are the deceivers as well as the deceived, the sweetness of the world turns sour, bitterness still bitter.

The host fooled its guest, but nothing will stand in Azra’il’s way.

My grandmother has not left, she has arrived, she is where she is meant to be in a state of peace and tranquility.

It is I, who is not at peace, still traveling, my soul waiting patiently for its destiny, the time and place only my Lord knows for him to see.

Must stay awake, must focus, must not let this world deceive me.


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